You are born to be happy. Just listen to your happiness meter.

Every day over 2 million times, people search google for “happiness”. Somehow despite google’s best efforts, the answer eludes most people. Searches keep increasing daily. 

What if I were to tell you that you were born to be happy, born to be blissful no matter how tough the surroundings or the situation. What is more you were born with an inner meter of happiness. One that can you use anytime, like a compass to find happiness. 

So how does this meter work ? it’s simple. Once you follow this compass it will point to the places, people and things that make you truly joyful  and away from those that make you stressed and worried.

So how do we use this meter. Ensure you carry a small notebook or take notes on your phone to understand your personal joy meter.

Imagine a meter that has joy on one end and worry or stress or sadness on the other. 

Now every time you are feeling joy, happiness, bliss, peace, harmony or other such good feelings, notice what you are thinking about and what you are doing and who you are with. Write these down. These are the things you truly desire and that give you joy and happiness in life. For instance close your eyes, think of your mother’s love for you for a moment and notice how a smile comes on your face. Or at work, you are smiling and bouncy one particular day – what are you thinking ? what are you working on ? who did you meet ? write these down.

On the other hand, every time you catch yourself feeling sad, low, depressed, anxious, stressed or any other negative, notice what you are thinking about, who you are with and what you are doing. Start writing these down. For instance, feeling very anxious preparing for a meeting with a senior manager and having feelings of dread and worry. Or someday feeling low thinking of an old emotional wound or a broken relationship. In this list are things you do not want in your life and those that will deprive you of your inner joy.

Your goal is awareness. To become aware of your happy and unhappy feelings. The moment you do, pause for a second and note what is it that is causing these feelings. Whenever you feel peace and joy, the universe is showing you something or someone that your inner self truly wants. Move towards it and spend more energy and time on the list of things and people that make you happy.

Whenever you catch yourself unhappy and stressed, note again. It is the universe showing you what you do not want and start moving away from it. You come to realize that in both cases, it is your own actions and thoughts that are either leading you towards inner joy and peace or towards stress and anxiety. 

Hence you have to consciously aim to focus your energy and time towards the things on the right that bring you joy and move away from the things on the left that cause you to lose happiness. 

Over a period of time, if you do this everyday, you will find your inner happiness meter will become stronger and clearer. It will ring everyday like the church bells and bring to you happiness and joy. You deserve it. Not only that you will become a source of radiant joy for everyone else around you.

You are born to be happy. Just listen to your happiness meter.



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