I sleep with my phone next to me. Sometimes near my head. Sometimes on the bed. Always at an arm’s length. Who wouldn’t want to watch more youtube shorts or random Netflix series or check on whats app at midnite right ? The result – a distracted mind, poor sleep, restlessness, wasted time and energy and you don’t even remember what you were watching last nite.

Action. Replace the phone at night with other more productive options.

  • Books – I put a few books by my bedside. I start reading them. Fall asleep. Continue the next day. Forget to read a few days but come back eventually.
  • Shoes – I put my running shoes near my bed. When I wake up I see them and I am reminded of the urge to go for a brisk walk or even go running. I can ignore them for only so many days before I start running.
  • Workout clothes – The same message. It reminds me of the importance of health and fitness and the need to start moving when I wake up
  • You can think of other things you want to do in the morning and put other cues to trigger this behaviour in you

I put my phone away where I cannot reach it easily. A simple action is the other end of the bedroom. A more powerful action is to put your phone in the other room – totally away. 

Do it for a day and see how you feel. Then do it for 2 days and eventually make it a permanent habit.

Say clearly “ I do not need my phone”. 

Practice living without your phone at night. Then do it on a Sunday. Keep expanding and experimenting. Every minute without your phone is a gift of more mindful presence, more learning, more relaxation and more happiness.

Phone Out, Shoes In. 

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