If you have seen the recent documentary Social Dilemma you come to a shocking realization. As much as we are addicted to social  media, updates and notifications, the technology and the platforms have been designed to addict us to them in order to monetize our attention and generate revenue for the digital industry.

The time we spent on any social platform is constantly being measured, monitored and monetized. Meaning the platforms are experimenting with all tools to place more content in front of us that can be used to make us spend more time on the platform.

More time spent = more ads served = more revenue generated.

If you spend 1-2 hours a day on social media which may be the case for most of us can you look back and reflect on what this time has accomplished for you

  • How much is stalking strangers 
  • How much is watching videos one after the other that we cannot recall any more
  • How much is endless scrolling on cat, dog updates and what everyone ate last week

If you spend time on your phone when outside, have you considered the impact on the following

  • Your marriage when you are not listening to your partner and are on the phone
  • Your work when you are on the phone and not engaged in the presentation being made
  • Your children when you are too distracted to look into their eyes

The list can go on. 

If you spend more time on your phone consuming more data or random information your cognitive abilities do not grow further. Instead in many cases they may stagnate or decline.

Your start up idea, your new brilliant project need your highest quality  thinking and undivided attention. Your attention that is being consumed on your social media newsfeed.

How can you address this

  • Try pausing social media accounts you can go on hibernation for 7/15/30 days
  • Try deleting 1 account see what impact you have on your day
  • Delete most accounts
  • Delete the app while keeping your account- make it slightly harder to login
  • Turn off notifications

Try these for a week, then a fortnight, then a month. You will notice a weird feeling. A feeling of empty time – more time available to you.

Your ideas, your family, your work are waiting for that time.

Take back control.  Don’t let your phone steal your future.

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