One of the most powerful realisations we can have in life is to realise that we are magnets. We are constantly attracting things, people and events in our life. We do so with our focus and our beliefs and our feelings.

Notice how when you start the day on a high, things tend to go well – meetings are productive and conversations are more interesting. The reverse is equally true – when we are feeling low or down at work we are prone to being angry and irritated – this leads to more negative experiences for us.

So how can you attract the things you are looking for into your life. 

By being conscious about it. There are 5 powerful practices you can follow to attract that which you seek in life

  1. Affirmations – To affirm is to state boldly that which you believe to be true. I am happy, I am attractive, I am at peace, I am attracting health and wealth into my life are powerful affirmations. You can take “I AM” and add to it that which you seek to have in your life.  Practice affirming as often as you can with confidence and clarity


  1. Break Negative Patterns with the 1 minute meditation – When you are upset, angry, frustrated you are in a negative energy pattern. If you stay there you will attract more negatives into your life. When you feel like this take a 1 minute pause – pause, sit down, close your eyes and focus on your breath – breathing in and out. When done for a minute reflect on how you feel and what you want


  1. Move – Any physical action you take – running cycling push ups dance puts us in a positive spirit. Even a brisk walk helps.  Put 1 to 2 short spurts of physical movement in your day. 5 to 10 minutes of running, skipping, jumping, push ups, crunches will put you in a high energy mood to attract positive things that you want


  1. Visualise – A powerful tool used by great sportsmen around the world. Sit down quietly to see yourself achieving your goals. Imagine you want to get promoted or get a bonus. Now close your eyes and make a movie in your mind seeing yourself walking into the boss’s room and he comes smiling to give you the good news. See a fitter healthier you running or see you and your family / friends having a good time together. Make the visual rich and colourful and feel it intensely


  1. Write your goals – Write down your goals and what you want. Specific tangible goals. Write them regularly and consistently. Read them. Everyday. When distracted or confused come back to your goals

You are a powerful magnet. Your Focus Beliefs and Feelings is what brings everything to you. Use the 5 powerful practices to attract what you truly seeking.

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