You don’t listen. 

You are arrogant. 

That was pathetic.


Terrible work.


These are things we often see in emails or phone calls at work. Many times we are the creators of these words.

They hurt. Often for a long time. They lead to broken relationships.

Even a simple “???” is known to trigger anxiety and concern in the reader. 

Words can wound. If you agree here are 3 things we can practice everyday

  1. Rewrite Angry Emails and Messages – when upset and typing, type it. then pause. Take 2-3 breaths. Read again. Edit the message and remove all harsh words and long question marks and asterisks
  1. When you receive an angry email – Don’t reply. Read it and park it somewhere. If possible when you can call the sender and ask them what the issue is and how they are feeling. They will usually explain the issue. Then once you have agreed the actions, you can let the sender know how their email made you feel
  1. When you have a conversation leaving you upset – Be patient. Do not respond immediately. Breathe. Take a walk. Breathe some more. ask yourself – How am I feeling ? Why am I feeling this way ? Breathe again. Was there any merit to what was said or what is expected. Then calmly respond to the issue at hand and if you feel like let the other person know how you felt

Also keep a record. When were you last harsh or when was someone harsh to you. Make a note never to repeat and take your learnings. 

Lets use our words to heal. To repair. To restore. To connect. To share. To love. To spread positivity.

When you find words that wound, note you need to heal and you need to help others heal.

With practice words will heal and soothe, not wound

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