The word impossible is a hidden but a big part of our daily conversation.

The word impossible is a hidden but a big part of our daily conversation. It’s impossible to do this is in 4 weeks? or that failed earlier, it wont work or I tried it and it failed etc. My contention is that impossible is a merely a point of view and it is your choice to accept or reject this word. If you choose to accept the word impossible then you are ignoring 2 facts. 

  1. Factually speaking, a human being does what others consider impossible everyday – Take the example of Erik Weihenmayer. Blind since teenage, Erik never accepted that it was impossible for him to do anything. He didn’t listen to nay sayers and he was supported by parents who never accepted the word impossible. Erik went on to become a wrestler, rock climber and then took on the most impossible of the challenges – climbing the tallest mountains in the world. Starting with Mount Mckinley in 2001 to eventually climbing the peak of Mount Everest – the tallest mountain in the world. He has completed the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race and expedition impossible in Morocco covering 3200 miles over mountains, valleys and rivers. In order to do this Erik had to learn to climb blind, recruit team mates, raise funds and convince so many people that what they thought is impossible is possible.

 So when a blind man climbs Everest, whatever goal you have set is it really impossible. Has it been done by even one man before ? Whether it be weight loss or becoming a millionaire or starting a start up or learning a new language or getting a promotion, surely it’s been done before. Surely you agree – it is not impossible.

  1. Everything that exists was once impossible but was created by someone –  Man wanted to fly but could not, man wanted to be in 2 places at the same time but could not be, man fell prey to diseases and animals he could not protect himself from. Today taking a flight to another continent is something millions do everyday. Today we connect with people on a skype call in another nation instantly. Today we are safe from most infectious diseases through vaccines and medicines. How did the impossible take place ? Only because someone took a “impossible goal” and asked one simple question – “how do we make it possible ? “. Very soon someone will create the solution to solving global warming, flying to other planets and extending human life to 200.

Every time you hear the word impossible, remind yourself. If a blind man can climb Everest, I can do whatever it is that I am setting out to do. It is in my power, capacity and capability to do what millions before me have done before. 

Nothing is impossible if you think of how to make it possible.

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