M.E.A.T ?

Everyday we have 1440 minutes at our disposal. With this we will typically do thousands of activities in a day. We will brush our teeth, drink water, sit mindlessly in front of the Tv, browse social media, have a pleasant (or not) conversation with out better half, shower, shave, eat toast, buy coffee, take a bus, reply to emails, attend meetings, curse someone who cut us in the traffic and so on. 

Try making a list of what you did yesterday from the time you woke up to the time you went to sleep. Do you notice something – 80% of our time is spent on unconscious activities like eating, sleeping, replying to emails – things that happen but do not truly improve our life or make a difference to anyone else.

Making a conscious choice of how to productively and happily live each day is the most important daily decision we can make.

So when you begin your day, ask a very simple question – “What’s my M.E.A.T ?”

M.E.A.T. stands for Most Effective Action Today.

What is that one thing that I can do today that will bring joy to others, bring me closer to my key goals, help me learn a new skill and make a difference to my life and those around me ?

Write it down. Just one thing. Then do it.

What are some good examples of M.E.A.T. ?

  • Complete the next year strategic plan proposal
  • Call my 3 best school friends whom I have not spoken with for a while
  • Fast
  • Start the online digital marketing course I have been thinking about
  • Go for a 5k run 
  • Send thank you notes to my team mates for the great work they have been doing
  • Learn to cook soups and salads
  • Make the marketing plan for a new brand launch
  • Start 30 minutes of yoga

The list will vary. 

The magic is in finding one task that makes the biggest difference and makes us most effective everyday. 

Just one. Write it. Do it. 

Make a difference to yourself and others everyday.

Find your M.E.A.T.

Get 10X Productive