2.0 is a habit. 2.0 is growth. 2.0 is success.

Software improves.

Phones improve

Even TV becomes smart TV

Companies evolve

Products get relaunched and get better

Restaurants upgrade menus

Apps launch new features

What about us ?

Do we consciously plan a 2.0 ? a relaunch ? a change ? a replan ? a re think

A 2.0 is a personal relaunch – either a complete overhaul or in a specific area of life. It’s a shift in consciousness and in our personal growth journey to become better and more fulfilled.

A 2.0 enables us to succeed, get promoted, earn more, get fitter, get better at our relationships.

How can you 2.0…it’s simple.. imagine you are a complex software ( which you are) and choose one feature to upgrade.

Diet 2.0 

Cut meat, cut fat, cut sugar, fast occasionally, more water.This is your diet 2.0

Fitness 2.0

10 push ups a day. 100 jumping ropes a day. 5000 steps or 10000 steps. Your fitness 2.0

Fashion 2.0

New hair cut, hair colour, change wardrobe – move to more casual or more formal

Behaviour 2.0

Appreciate colleagues. Give your partner flowers. Call your parents more often. Give to charity. 

Passion 2.0

Start painting. Writing. Dancing. Do what floats your boat. 10 minutes a day. or 1 minute a day

Mindfulness 2.0

Practice being quiet. For a minute. Practice breathing and focusing on the breath. 

Love 2.0

Kiss. Hug. Snuggle. If you don’t it normally start. If you do it, do more. do it with whom you never have. Get intimate with a complete mindful presence and your whole being.

Productivity 2.0

Cut morning meetings. Cut evening meetings. No meeting Fridays. 30 minute calls instead of 60 minutes. 15 minute calls instead of 30 minutes. Call don’t email.

Learning 2.0

Read a blog. Read a book. A chapter a day. Pick a topic and immerse on a weekend. Start an online course – no matter how short.

Only one rule matters in 2.0. Once you go 2.0, you don’t go back to 1.0. You don’t go to the old version. You move forward. You don’t look back – you progress.

Take small steps. Take sure steps.

2.0 is a habit. 2.0 is growth. 2.0 is success.

Whats your 2.0 ?

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