Is there anything you want to do but have not done yet in life ? is there a secret wish that is unfulfilled ? Is there a place you want to be , a job you want to do, a dream that you want to live but you don’t bother to even start ?

What stops us is fear ? fear of the uncertain, of failure, of what others will say, of what they will think, of this, of that ?

Fear is a useless emotion. It makes you worried and anxious. It does not produce any solutions but makes the problem look bigger than it is already. It is a False Emotion Appearing Real. 

So how can we overcome these fears that stop us from taking the steps towards our dreams ?

What are your fears ?

Fear of heights ? Know that millions of people are climbing up tall buildings in escalators and elevators everyday and nothing happens to them. Hundreds of millions are flying in the air everyday in plane and nothing happens to them. The fear is false.

Fear of Public Speaking ? Worried what others will think about you ? Imagining things ? know that all these uncertainties exist in your mind. Everyday you speak to strangers, friends, family, colleagues about various things. Know that only by sharing your ideas, your thoughts with others can they truly know who you are and what you think…if you do not speak, they do not know anything. So know that your progress, growth and success lies in sharing your ideas. People judge whether you like it or not. So what is a better strategy – to share your ideas and risk judgement or to never share at all. Second strategy is doomed to fail.

Fear of Failure ? Who has not failed ? Who built an empire or a business at first attempt ? who is perfect ? no one. Ever. There are no failures but only lessons and learnings to be taken from every experience. Soon all is forgotten and we move on. Do you remember any horrible mistakes you made 20, 10 or even 1 year ago ? does it still impact you ? I can bet that it is water under the bridge. So worry not about a false sense of failure. Go venture forth into the future and seek your dreams.

Fear of being alone ? worried that no one is with you. Are monks upset and worried all the time or are they peaceful and quiet ? Sit quietly in a room and close your eyes. Notice yourself breathing in and out and count your breaths. Say a prayer. Imagine your loved ones happy and smiling. Remember the last time you smiled and laughed. Say thanks to god for all you have. Don’t reach for your phone or a book or the tv remote or the internet. How do you feel ? is there worry or calm. The fact is that we are born alone and we die alone. Again we are conditioned to be busy. Being calm and quiet is deeply soothing and relaxing. As you can see this fear too is not real.

So now too when you face a fear take 2 simple steps…

Step 1 – Write on a piece of paper. I wish to _______ ( your dream / desire) but I am afraid that _____ ( your fear).

Step 2 – Write I desire my _____ (dream/goal) more than I am worried about____(my fear). 

Step 3– I know the fear is false and many others have overcome it over the years. I choose my _________(dream, goal)

Do not let any fake fears stop you from realizing the person you want to become.

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