Go back to the first day you started work. Maybe you don’t even remember. How much money did you make then ? Did you come to office in a car or did you take the public transport ? Since then how much more success and money has come to you ? Probably a lot. In all this time, you have worked hard to get what you rightfully deserve – promotions, bonus, increments, holidays and so on.

Yet, does it seem that your list of ambitions or desires has lessened or withered away…Do you feel content to be where you are and enjoy what you have or are there desires to gain more. Somehow taking and receiving can never truly satisfy us as human beings. No amount of wealth or resources can bring lasting joy. Even a well deserved promotion brings a high for a few weeks and then fades away.

What then, can bring lasting joy everyday that stays with us no matter what ?

It is the act of giving. When you give you add joy to someone else’s day and you carry with you a positive feeling that lasts way longer than any bonus can. This positive feeling or karma insulates you from the daily pressures and reminds you again that you can make a beautiful difference every single day to yourself and to others. Here are a few ways in which you can give something every day to someone

  1. Give Food – Is there anyone you cross everyday who is more hungry than you ? Can you cook them a meal and pack it and give it to them or can you just share with them some bread or biscuits from your own home. In many places of the world, there are children who have never tasted what it is like to have a candy or a chocolate. Can you be the one to give them their first experience. It’s natural to be shy in the beginning. Just try and be honest when you talk to them – “I got some food from home. I would like to share it with you”
  1. Give Your Time – Is there someone at work who would benefit from a chat. Someone who may be struggling or upset. Why not buy them coffee or tea or lunch. Sit with them and spend 30 minutes just listening. Help them share their feelings with you if they feel comfortable. If not just enjoy each others presence
  1. Give Appreciation – Who at work has been doing a great job ? Who is a diligent worker who works but never complains ? Why not write them a small note and pass it to them or email them and copy their boss just appreciating their great work. If possible ideally appreciate a person when you are among everyone
  1. Give Money – If you eat lunch everyday or take a taxi everyday, spending 10$, why not skip lunch today or take a bus. The 10$ you saved put it in a piggy bank. Do the same with the loose coins lying around the house which never get used. At the end of the month when you have some money accumulated, go give it to a charity that does good work of your own accord
  1. Give Things – What do you have that you have no need for but may help someone else more than you ? What books do you have that can inspire others ? Find out the things in your home that no longer serve you but can help others and find someone who can benefit from them. Wrap them nicely and share them with others.

Everyday is a chance to find lasting joy. Everyday is a chance to give. At the end of everyday, when you are about to sleep, ask yourself – what did you give today ?

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