Repeated Failure equals success. 

Those who persist through the rough waters reached the promised land.

He who turns over the most rocks (failure), finds the most gold (success).

Quantity of attempts at goal leads to quality of outcome.

The stories of successful inventors, entrepreneurs, authors, sports people  and even academic studies with students show consistently that those who are willing to make the most attempts at goal are the wons who win the most.

Babe ruth the famous baseball player holds the all time record for the most home runs (success) hit. He is inevitably referred to as G.O.A.T. = Greatest Of All Time.

Guess who is the all time record holder for strike outs (failure) in baseball. It is Babe ruth.

So the question comes to us – what did you fail at today ?

If nothing that means we are not shooting at the goal and hence no chance that will hit it.

Instead for every area of your life where you want to make progress define what is an “attempt” , “failure” and “success”.

For instance if you run a business it attempt = new business proposal, failure = prospective client ignoring your message or saying no and success = prospective clients talks to you or places an order with you.

For instance if you want to write then attempt = article or content piece written, failure = not written or not published anywhere and success = written and / or published somewhere even if it is your own blog

Now how many “attempts” did you make today ?

Did you make more “attempts” today than you did yesterday ?

If not get started now. As you do, learn what is working and what is not and ask yourself – how can I do better ?

Then go to do that and keep working on your attempts.

Your failures will start turning into successes over time.

If you are able to persist and commit then successes will be inevitable.

Those who love to attempt and fail are unstoppable in success.

So what did you fail at today ?

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