In the great Indian epic Mahabharata two vast armies are arrayed in front of each other. The Kauravas, the 100 brothers who rule the kingdom of Hastinapur have vowed to kill their 5 cousins the Pandavas as they do not want the latter to come back to the kingdom to have their rightful share of the kingdom. Lord Sri Krishna is the charioteer of the Pandava warrior Arjuna.

Suddenly the great warrior Arjuna in front of whom entire armies tremble, becomes weak and feeble. He lays down his weapon in doubt and stops to fight. He says to Lord Krishna that he has no strength and fill to fight. He has confusion, doubt and uncertainty in his mind.

So often we are faced with such situations. Tough challenges at work, emotional crisis at home, recovery after a hard illness or a tough crossroads moment in life. We feel like we cannot act, cannot decide, cannot move forward. There is fear, uncertainty and doubt.

Lord Krishna then speaks to Arjuna in the song called Gita.

Action is inevitable and permanent, says Lord Krishna. The entire universe is always in action and cannot stop. No one in the universe can avoid acting. Even the great god himself who needs nothing must act. Everyone has their duty or karma in front of them which they must do. No one can stop from acting. Even the action of trying to not act is an action. We are born to do our duty and our dharma – our moral duty. We are here to do our duty with full focus, commitment and mindfulness. 

So act knowing that action is inevitable.

Act knowing that you are the instrument of the lord’s will.

Act knowing that you are here to do your duty or your sva dharma.

Act knowing that even the lord has to act though he needs nothing from the universe.

Whenever there is doubt, fear and uncertainty know that action will clear the clouds of doubt. Move forward and take a step. Take decisions and know that all will work out well eventually.

In fear, action is the antidote.

In uncertainty, action is the remedy.

In doubt, action is the only plan.


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