Life is short. As adults we have 30-40 productive years at work which may appear like a lot until you realise that only have 2000 Sundays as an adult. Just 2000 to do everything that you ever wanted to do and everyone you ever wanted to meet and every place you ever wanted to go to.

When we look back at our life it is the people we meet who transform our lives  – at work it may be the boss who guided us to success or in personal life it may be a chance encounter that lead us to meeting our life partner. 

What if we can take the preciousness of life and prioritise the people we want to be with and spend time with.

What if we made a “to meet list”. 

If you had a year left to live and you could meet anyone in the world who would you want to meet ? Go list them down.

  • Friends – Are there people you have lost touch with over time. Perhaps your school or college friends who you were close to at one point but are not any more ?
  • Family – Are there estranged family members or senior citizens who may not be around for very long ?
  • Work Heroes – Are there people in your workplace or company who you admire and want to learn from ?
  • Online community – Are there people online who you want to learn more from and interact with ?
  • If you were marooned on an island with 5 people who are not your friends or family who would they be ? How about putting their names on the list

Now you may have 5-50 names on this list. What can we do to get in touch and find ways to connect with them.

  1. Call them – All those who you can track down online or via friends, go do so, get their contacts and call or email or message them. Ask to meet face to face if you can or virtually if travel is impossible due to covid. Tell them you are making a to meet list and they are on your list.
  1. Connect with them online – If they are an author or someone famous, find out about their online presence and reach out to them. Are there any events they are conducting that you can be a part of.
  1. Lunch – Make it a habit to have lunch with different people at work if possible. Expand your circle of connections.
  1. Drinks – Invite others out if you can or at your place. Make an effort to accommodate others into your life and prioritise time to interact with others.
  1. Find out someone you know who knows someone who knows someone  you want to meet. Remember the six degrees of separation – the idea that between you and a famous person are six people. Now due to social media that is down to four or three. So look for who may have networks in that region or industry. Ask them to introduce you. You will find a connection.

Make a to meet list. Meet the people you want to know in your life. You never know how one conversation can transform your life.

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