All progress depends on the unreasonable man. The man who expects more, demands more. Of himself and of others. Who asks the question why not. Who challenges the status quo.

As is evident in the race to the COVID 19 vaccine, when unreasonable men were put in charge they made it happen. Decades worth of research crunched into weeks and months to deliver a vaccine that will save humanity from this mega crisis.

Every great entrepreneurial story is about a person who says “can there be a better and different way”. Every great breakthrough came from someone saying “ lets go this different way and see what happens”. Every great invention came from the persistence of someone who believed in the opposite of what most people believed.

William Wilberforce was unreasonable in his opposition to slavery and hence managed to get it abolished.

Elon Musk was unreasonable in his pursuit of a sexy luxury electric car and hence managed to launch and make it a success.

Mohammad Yunus was unreasonable in his dream of building micro banking for the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh and he built the biggest micro lending organisation in the world.

How Unreasonable Are you as a leader 

  1. Do you often challenge the status quo ?
  2. Do you try something different from last time to achieve your goal ?
  3. Do you generally find yourself in the minority opinion in a group ? 

If the answer is not often or hardly you are being reasonable. You are blending your opinion with the masses. You are losing your edge to make a difference.

What do you believe deeply ?

What is the way you believe the organisation or the brand must go ?

What do you feel is the right thing to do ?

Stand firm for it. Be unreasonable. Be persistent. 

Eventually everyone will come around. 

Reasonable men eventually agree with the unreasonable man.

The unreasonable man can see what others cannot : the future.

Be Unreasonable.

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