What if I were to tell you there is one magic 3 letter word that can make the impossible possible, help you make more money, improve your relationships, learn new habits ! All you need to do is to use this word everyday and build a habit of it.

The word is How. 

How is the word of possibility. 

The word that expands our imagination. 

The word that makes inventions happen. 

It’s the word great generals asked before they won wars, politicians asked before they won elections and smart people ask constantly. 

So how can you start using How to make the impossible possible ?

  1. How can I – Everytime you have a challenge, a project, an issue, problem, begin by asking yourself – how can I ? How can I double my income ? how can I get the promotion ? How can I make everyone agree ?
  1. How can you– when faced with a challenge, a question, a discussion ask – how can you ? or how can we ?. Change the conversation of what cannot be done or wont happen to how we can collectively find a way to do it. keep asking how to your teams and groups in brainstorming sessions…eventually the answers will come
  1. Ask yourself How– Pick any area of your life that you want to improve – your weight, your relationships, you leadership skills, ask yourself with full honesty how can I lose the weight I carry, how can I improve my relationship with my parents. Once you get the answers, put them down and see what you want to implement
  1. When in conflict with others– Listen patiently to the conflict, the reasons on both sides or to the agitated customer and then ask “how can I help you”,  “ how can I help resolve this” or “how can we collaborate”
  1. Use How to spark the imagination – “how can we double our business “, “ how can we make this brand the market leader “ , “ how can we expand profits”

In every conversation, with everyone HOW is the word of possibility, of opportunity. How gives everyone a chance to think, to imagine, to try.

Use HOW Liberally and change all that is impossible to possible.

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    Get your weekly doze of inspiration right in your inbox!

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