Everything we are is in part because of those who came before us and contributed to our life. Our parents, teachers, friends, colleagues, bosses, ex and current partners, children and so on.

Everything we consume every day is because of the tireless efforts of an endless number of people. The eggs you had for breakfast were brought to you by unnamed hens who donated these eggs, nameless farmers in a far away farm who bred them, the transport company driver who drove the eggs to a warehouse, the distributor and retailer and all their employees. The same applies for the water in your tap, the electricity that runs your computer, the people who made your phone and so on.

Yet despite these facts how grateful are we to the universe ?

How often do we say thanks ?

If you are like most people we don’t thank others or rarely do so.

One of the simplest and most powerful methods to become a great and inspiring leader is to become the grateful CEO. 

Find the reasons to thank others and do so regularly and religiously.

Send a thank you note to a team mate for the late night work they did last week.

Thank the cleaning lady for keeping your home sparkling.

Thank the staff at the coffee shop or the restaurant for the delicious food you enjoyed.

Thank your boss for his/her support on something they did for you.

A note.

An email.

A message.

Pay for a meal.

Buy a small thoughtful gift.

Doug Conant the CEO who turned around Campbell soup to its record success was such a thankful ceo. He wrote 30000 hand written thank you notes over his 7 year stint. These inspired others, spread the good mood and uplifted the whole organisation.

Be a thankful leader.

Send thank you notes.

Even better say thank you to others.

We are where we are and what we are due to others. Lets recognize that everyday.

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