Arjuna the greatest warrior ever born is on the battlefield. Next to him is his charioteer Lord Krishna. As he sees the field of this enemies, he recognizes many of them. They are his cousins the Kauravas, they are his teachers, his friends and those whom he has called family. Seeing that he may have to fight and even kill them, he loses the will to fight.

“I will not fight” says arjuna and lays down his bow and arrow, dejected and unsure of what to do.

Lord Krishna then explains to him the concept of Sva (self) Dharma  (duty) – one’s own duty. Lord Krishna says to Arjuna..

Everyone is born to this universe to act. Our actions and our role come from our past lives actions or our karma. This is the law of the universe which cannot be avoided, ignored or stopped. All action is inevitable and the universe must go on. In each life we are given the chance to do our duty, to do our dharma.

We must commit to who we are, the role we are given and give our absolute best to it without worrying about the consequences or the rewards.

Focussing ourselves on our duty alone, we must act. Know that this is our divine responsibility entrusted to us by the god and universe we must act.

Arjuna is a warrior, who’s moral duty is to fight in war for the right just cause and win. He cannot sit by and abandon his duty, nor become too concerned with the rewards that may be due to him. His duty is to act, to fight, to be the warrior he is meant to be.

Inspired Arjuna lifts his bow and arrow and vows to do this duty.

We must at all times see the task, the duty, the responsibility in front of us. What are we commanded and asked to do by the universe. As parents, at work, as colleagues, as good citizens we have moral duties assigned to us.

Whenever in doubt let us do our duties to our fullest abilities. When we are confused or lost, let us commit to doing the task in front of us to the best of our capabilities. Even if we find ourselves in a role or situation not to our liking, we must realise that the path ahead lies in doing our duty to our utmost best. From there alone a better future will emerge. It is better to do one’s Sva Dharma than to chase after another person’s duty or Paro Dharma, says Lord Krishna.

The path to success and salvation lies in doing our Sva Dharma or our own duty. Go forth. 

Let us go forth and do our duty.

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