The time for the 4 day work week is here. Are you a brave enough boss to implement it ?

Are you working from home ? office shut for the foreseeable future ? endless online calls ? If so you are not alone. Nearly 500mn to 1bn workers around the world have had to change their mode of working to work from home using technology. 

The impact ?

Endless work days. Average time at work expanded from 8-9 hours to 10-12 hours in most cases. So a regular week’s work time of 40-45 hours is now being taken up in 4 days.

So that prompts the question – can we do a 4 day work week ? and should we do it ? 

There are 5 reasons to consider why we should do it – 

Firstly we know that the productivity working from home is significantly higher for most people as they are saving on massive amounts of commute time and energy. This time and energy saved is going right back into work.

Secondly we know that distractions and interruptions in office can suck up nearly 30-50% of our work time. Mostly these are missing or minimized from home.

Thirdly you have more physical comfort, ability to recharge in short breaks at home, do calls while walking around etc

Fourthly a bit more time with family, pets, on hobbies and exercise.

Fifthly giving Fridays off means people spend more time on family, friends, learning new things, relaxing, reading and improving their quality of life

What is the reason not to do it ?

The fear that it will lead to work and emails piling up and drop in total output.

What do we know so far – multiple pilots and experiments have been done so far in companies like Perpetual Guardian New Zealand  and Microsoft in Japan. The results

  • Higher productivity
  • More time for family and hobbies
  • Boost in morale overall and a strong success

In other cases governments tried it but the leaders felt that they could not manage and went back to the 5 day work week.

It can be a key recruitment tool to attract top talent – 3 day weekend !! no Fridays !! imagine releasing back 8 years for you ( if you work 40 years) with which you can do what you feel is right.

The time for the 4 day work week is here. Are you a brave enough boss to implement. 

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