Appreciation feels good. Warm and happy. Feedback feels cold and hurts.

Appreciation feels good. Warm and happy. Feedback feels cold and hurts. 

However only one is useful to us in life and should be welcomed with open arms.

  • Appreciation reinforces what we think of our selves.
  • Appreciation adds limited value. It tells us what we already know or think we know. We are beautiful, smart, knowledgeable etc etc
  • Appreciation lulls us into complacence. If we are so good, do we need to improve more ?

Feedback is painful. It hurts. It cuts through and hits where it must.

  • Feedback of our weakness highlights where are our armour is weak. Where do we need to repair it and get better
  • Feedback shows us how we can be better, how we can improve ? what is our true potential
  • Feedback of our habits can make us stronger, more productive, more hard working
  • Feedback of our work can make us try a bit harder to make it better the next time
  • Feedback can help us go from class act to world class act

The difference is “welcoming” Feedback with open arms and not defending our weaknesses from the start. 

So try this. find a colleague, your boss or even your partner and ask

  • What are the things I need to improve in general
  • What can I do to improve our relationship
  • Rate me on a scale of 1-10 on results, way of working, level of collaboration etc
  • What are my worst habits
  • What about me do you not like

Do this and just listen.

Write down.

Do not respond.

After the session is over close the book and move on.

After a few days reflect on what is said and see what you need to improve and correct.

Then do it.

Repeat. Every few months

You will see your ego disappear.

You will see your performance zoom.

Think of yourself as a software. Permanently work in progress with new versions being released every few months. With each upgrades are being made.

Key is to get feedback, get inputs, get user complaints.

That’s where we welcome Feedback.

Feedback makes us stronger and better. Fast.

So go ahead and ask someone near you “ what is it that I need to improve “

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