Today my yoga teacher used an interesting phrase – practice your practice. What she meant was to say define what it is that we want to devote ourselves to. Then devote ourselves to it and do it regularly with focus and commitment. There is a magic in the consistent devotional focus we can give something and the results this consistent practice can produce.

Some examples.

  1. The Writer’s practice is to put out 5-10 pages of high quality writing everyday or every writing session. SO everyday put pen to paper or your fingers to your keyboard. You may sense a resistance. Reflect on it, what is causing it and remind yourself of your higher goal and go back and practice.
  1. The basketball player’s practice is to use the ball to do sharp moves that help the team win. The great players do this for hours at end, every single day devoting themselves to their committed practice.
  1. The monk’s goal is complete balance, universal compassion, elimination of distractions and thoughts. They need to practice breathing and meditation to bring themselves into complete harmony. This takes daily effort over years to achieve.

There will be resistance in this process. Laziness, procrastination, mobile phones, craving for eating and a million other things will always come in the way. Each time this happens, reflect on what your practice is, why it matters to you and others and then commit to it. Go ahead and practice it till it becomes so easy and ingrained that it is like breathing for you.

Over time challenge yourself and add to your practice. DO more and go beyond. Stretch the limits and try and little bit more. See how far you can go and improve even further.

Journal your progress regularly to see how far you have come in your practice.

Everyday when you start feel the beginners feeling. Make a slight change to feel the ever renewal of the practice. 

Committ. Persist. Practice.

Practice your Practice to become perfect.

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