The world is noisy, busy and constant. Messages, phone calls, emails, meetings. They come 24/7 at us and demand urgent attention. Leisure time is dominated by an endless stream of social media and streaming content. Our minds are constantly busy, irritated and unstable.  This is often the reason for our emotional roller coaster both at home and at work that many of us experience. Anger, frustration, irritation can often be the result.

We need to silence the mind and be present. This is a practice that will bring us mindfulness, calm, peace of mind & emotional stability. Here are some ways you can practice silence and experience the magical benefits of no noise.

1. Keep your phone away – Start with 15 minutes if you cannot do it for longer. Keep it away in your bag in the office or inside a cupboard at home. Leave it and enjoy the moments with no calls, messages or social media. Then try 30 minutes and extend from there.

2. Leave all devices – When you go out for a dinner or even to the grocery store. Leave all devices behind. Do not carry them with you. Enjoy the respite from the noise. Practice doing “phone and device free” meals and activities.

3. Keep Silent – Practice an hour of silence. Do not speak. At all. To anyone. Do it at first when you are alone. Then with your family. Then at work carry a few post it’s with you. If anyone speaks then write down your reply and give it to them. 

4. Day of Silence – Pick a day and be silent that day. no talking to anyone. No texting. No messaging. Silence can be enjoyed by reading, writing, meditating, exercising and doing other things you enjoy. See how you feel.

5. Digital Silence on the weekend – How about practicing a weekend of digital silence – no phone, laptop, emails, messages or social media. What other activities will take their place ? what can you do with others ? how do you feel ?

Practice silence in small ways and notice how you get calmer, more mindful and more present overall. Silence is the medicine for the information chaos of today.

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