The first hour of the day can often set the tone for what happens for the rest of the day.

The first hour of the day can often set the tone for what happens for the rest of the day. To make everyday a productive, happy and successful one, you can begin the day with the power hour. This is 60 minutes dedicated to yourself, to doing the things that matter, to making a good beginning to everyday and to contributing meaningfully to others. Here’s how you can do it

  1. Upon Waking begin your day with a short prayer and meditation – Choose a prayer book that you prefer to download an app that has daily prayers. Sit in a quiet corner and mindfully say your prayers. If you don’t already do it, begin to meditate for a short period. It can be for 2-3 minutes to begin with and then you can extend it.  Meditation is nothing but becoming conscious of who we are. It can simply be done by closing one’s eyes and following one’s breath. As you do so, some distracting thought might come. Notice it, let it go and then come back to the breath again. 5 to 10 minutes
  1. Exercise for 15-20 minutes – Short quick energetic exercise gets your energy going, provides cardio vascular benefits and releases feel good hormones. You can swim, run, skip, jog in one spot, do a few yoga poses, lift weights, do free hand exercises, follow a DVD of an exercise guru you like or any combination of these. Even 15-20 minutes done daily provides you with a wealth of benefit 15-20 minutes
  1. Appreciate Someone – Find a way to appreciate someone in the morning. It can be your spouse or your child or a friend. You can do so in many ways. Make a cup of tea, give someone a kiss, write a short note and put it in someone’s bag, send someone a morning sms or whatsapp. Doing so will again release positive energy into the universe.  5 minutes
  1. Plan your day – Open your calender and mark out the most important activities for the day that you would like to accomplish. Ensure your big rocks go first – what matters most. 5 to 10 minutes
  1. Enjoy your tea, coffee or newspaper – now mindfully enjoy your tea or coffee or newspaper if that is your morning habit 5 to 10 minutes

Your first hour is a powerful practice. You can later add other good habits like reading or learning something new for 30 minutes everyday if you so feel like it. Well begun is truly half done.

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