The way to achieve any goal in life material or spiritual is to perfect the means. The means are the cause and the goal is the outcome. Many fail on the path of life because they focus excessively on the end goal or the vision that they have set out and do not put focus on the means or the method of achieving success.

When we perfect the means we ensure that we the outcome is inevitable. Hence a small, incremental but consistent improvement in the method or the means will lead to the success that you are aiming for

  • In relationships focusing on our daily acts of politeness and kindness towards out family and friends will build an eventually strong relationship of love and trust
  • At work small acts of appreciation and gratitude towards others will build a strong partnership for the long term that will foster success
  • Focussing on writing a good blog every week will one day produce a best selling book
  • A few push ups, crunches and other simple exercises done everyday will lead to supreme fitness one day, maybe even the elusive six pack that many of us have been aiming for
  • Steady monthly investment into a well balanced portfolio of equities and debt over a long time is likely to create a small fortune
  • Prayer and meditation done everyday for a few minutes will make us more mindful, compassionate and purposeful over time
  • When we do small acts of goodness everyday, more good comes to us over time and we become the good person we truly want to be

Perfect the means and focus on them. Enjoy making the means and the method better everyday. Eventually all the goals in the universe will be accomplished.

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