Reset your day in 10 minutes

You’ve had a rough morning, a stormy meeting, a few heated email exchanges. It can happen to all of us. The issue is when the sour feelings from these incidents carry over to the rest of the day and into other meetings and discussions. 

Perhaps you have some personal worries or stresses. These start to show up at work. You are coming home carrying some baggage from work or vice versa. 

There can be any number of reasons why one needs a re set during the day. 

A simple exercise to practice is a 10 minute walking mediation to re set your day and bring back your feelings to a calm and joyful feeling that powers you for the rest of the day.

Simple steps to have a mindful walking meditation

  1. Find a quiet place to do the walking  – not a busy street. This can be a corridor, a part of the office that is quiet, an alley way or some other place where you can walk around without being stopped by traffic or a lot of people 
  1. Bring your attention to your feet – bring your attention to your feet as you begin. Become conscious and aware of them and the feeling in them.
  1. Walk – slowly, calmly start walking keeping your attention on your feet. Notice the foot rise and come down and the other foot take it’s place. Keep noticing this
  1. Wandering – the mind will wander to sounds, sights, smells. Do not worry – this is normal. Everytime this happens bring your attention right back to your walking feet
  1. Gratitude – at the end of a 10 min walking session express gratitude for the time, the opportunity and the fact that you are fit and able to walk

Now back to work with the balanced energy you have just generated.

Do it as many times as you like in a day.

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