To grow in life we need to acquire new skills, develop better habits and practice every single day. There is a school of thought saying gradual changes work and small improvements over a period of time make a big difference. It’s very true. A small habit change like waking up early when done for 30+ consistent days can often become a habit. However this needs time and patience.

What if you are in a hurry ? What if you want to change the world and change your world ? At speed.

Then you must aim to master hard things quickly. What does this mean ?

If you have to achieve dramatically better results in any area of life – health, wealth, career then you need to acquire hard new skills and habits fast. In short you need to evolve to become a better version of yourself. 

So define an area where you want dramatic results. Say your health and weight loss to begin with. What are the top hard habits/skills that you will need to build ?

1. Master the knowledge – Decide to take a weekend or a week to study all the information available on the topic at hand. Read books, blogs, go to the nearby library if available, study online research journals, read interviews of experts and make your notes.

2. Decide to practice and record – Say you come to the conclusion that fasting one or two times a week . Now you need to practice this. You may commit and sometimes fail or not be able to keep the fast. Record it. See your record for week1 , week 2, week 3 and so on. Make notes on what is working for you and what is not.

3. Public Commitment – Start sharing your journey with others. If you are shy at first then do it with your immediate friends and family. As you get more successful and hit a milestone then go ahead and start sharing externally.

4. Test yourself – Test your new skill set. If you are on a fitness journey see if you can run a 5km or bike for 10km or swim 10 laps. If you are learning digital skill sets take a challenge to set up a personal website. See what will test your skills and go do it.

5. Get Certified – Get certified in your space and become a bonafide expert. Choose the area, a very well known and good certification and go take the test. If you fail, record your learnings, improve and go at it again. Become an official expert and proudly put it on your cv, your business card and your social media profiles.

Expertise is a matter of effort. When you make the choice to master hard things quickly you start on a path to become a world champion. The road is not easy but it does lead to the top. The effort is not easy but the reward is a new improved you who can lead a better, more successful, more happy and more productive life.

Make the choice. Master hard things quickly.

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