Mindfulness is a superpower that can bring you friends, wealth, happiness and success over time. Mindfulness helps us enjoy the present moment and be fully in it. One of the powerful ways to practice being mindful is to notice things, people and events around you.

Imagine the world is a very large museum and everyday you pick a theme in nature to observe and focus upon.

Today let us start with street signs for instance. Notice them. The colours. The texture. The text. The messages. See them everywhere and marvel at the fact that someone designed and put them there.

Notice a colour. Pick any, say green. Look for green around you. In trees. In clothes. In cars. See how much green there is around you everywhere.

Pick a type of person. Say small children or infants. Notice them. Smile or cy. Notice their clothes, their gender and their behaviour.

Cats or Dogs. Pick pets one day and notice them wherever you go.

Pick cars.

Pick cycles.

Do a colour walk looking for people and objects of a specific colour. Go where it takes you.

Do a scent walk. Smell everything around you and see what it represents.

Notice balconies and windows and what is in them.

Imagine one day that you are a thief and notice things that you may want to consider stealing. Don’t actually do it.

Do a sound walk. Listen to sounds around you.

Go sit in a busy park and close your eyes to listen to sounds all around you.

Find something new to notice everyday.

Noticing is mindfulness.

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