It’s the most common water cooler conversation. The sins of the boss. An endless litany of complaints of about what he/she did or did not do, say or not say. When they are delegating they become aloof. When they are involved they become micromanagers.

Often we miss the fact that the more senior the leader, the more the pressure on them to deliver, the longer the work hours, more the meetings and less opportunity to spend time with their loved ones. They too need care, love and affection. They may often feel more lonely at work as they cannot share their stresses and pressures with others.

What if we could take a more compassionate and kind view of our leaders. What may this look like 

  • Boss how are you feeling ? is a question we may consider asking
  • How can I help you ? is a nice way to start a meeting
  • What is stressing you out ? help them unload their feelings
  • How is your family ? remind them they have one and need to go home
  • Can I take on some more work show that you care 
  • Buy them a coffee or a meal show that you notice them
  • Compliment them on good work they are human after all
  • Buy them a nice gift when u travel who does not like one
  • Meditate on them with compassion grow the seed of love within you


Can you begin to notice them ? Can then evolve to appreciating them ? Can you take it to the next level by learning to love them. Try this simple test

What I love about my boss is ………….. complete the sentence and notice how long it took you to do so. if it took long and you had to think you have some way to go.

We are all human. We all need love and kindness. 

Especially bosses.

Love thy boss.

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