Let every meal be a mini meditation. Let every meal satisfy your stomach, your soul and the universe.

Why are so many people fat ? Why are so many people hungry ? Why is so much food wasted ? Why are so many of us addicted to eating ? Why does one meal merely create the hunger for the next meal ? Our relationship with eating is broken and instead of nourishment food has becom either an unhealthy addiction or a permanent hunger.

Thankfully there is a Buddhist way to change this. To give food to all, to end obesity, to eat healthy, to feel nourished, to end food addiction. 

It’s to turn every meal into a mini meditation. As thich nhat hanh tells us, every morsel of food that comes before us, is made of thousands of people and elements of nature coming together. The bread comes from the grain and inside every grain is the water of the cloud, the sunshine from sun , the sweat of the farmer, the effort of the shopkeeper to bring the bread to you.

So how can we turn every meal into a mindful meditation. 3 simple steps

  1. Let us become aware of our hunger. Feel the hunger within us and realise and accept it. When we are truly hungry, mindfully choose to eat. Many times, it is not hunger but a frustration or a loneliness or a deep unhappiness that we may be feeling. No food can fulfill this. Realise your true feelings. Tune into yourself.
  1. Relish every bite – Choose your food mindfully, what do you seek, is it good for you, will it nourish you ?When food comes before you, see it with all your senses – the smell, the colour, the texture. Express your gratitude for all of the forces that have come together to create the food for you. Then taking one bite eat it mindfully, slowly, relishing every bit of flavor and richness in it.
  1. Respect the food – ignore your phone or email or the newspaper or tv when you eat. They make you unmindful and make you eat more. Focusing your energy on the meal eat till it starts to make you feel full. As the feeling of a complete fullness overcomes you, pause and thank the universe for the meal you just enjoyed.

As you turn the meal into a mini meditation, you will begin to eat less. You will feel fuller. You will make healthier choices and you will be happier after every meal. In short you will lose your weight and regain your lost health. You will automatically food waste and create more food for those who are hungry. 

Let every meal be a mini meditation. Let every meal satisfy your stomach, your soul and the universe.

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