The more you want, the harder it is to get. When you seek something badly and constantly focus on the outcome, you lose sight of the actions needed to be done to get there. When you are constantly focusing on what you are meant to get, you lose sight of the contribution you are to make to get there.

The most selfless people are those who devote and dedicate all their actions to others. Think of the great souls like Jesus, Buddha, Sri Krishna who lived their lives devoting themselves to others and giving all they had for the benefit of others – all selfless actions. Focus on giving. Focus on the actions they had to do everyday – meditation , preaching, serving others. Eventually all the success and glory in their lifetimes and beyond the millenium belongs to them.

Think on the other hand of everyone who is focused on their own life goals – of accumulating wealth, homes, assets, new ventures and seeking glory. What happens in the end. All their material accumulations disappear into the sands of time leaving nothing behind. Their selfish actions are forgotten instantly and the universe moves on. They do not have lasting eternal success.

What about kings and rulers who build roads, statues and buildings in their names to seek immortality. All their actions that are devoted to others like building universities and libraries continue to do good well beyond their time, earning them eternal karma. All other actions are forgotten.

The Karma Yogi works for others. The Karma Yogi does not seek anything for himself but only for others. Hence working with devotion and dedication to others he works. He earns all the eternal credit of all the actions. 

For the karma yogi, work is worship to which we devote ourselves. We work with dedication, devotion and commitment. We seek not the rewards of the work.

With this focus of giving, of doing our duty, of not seeking reward, of not wanting comes success in this life and in the next. 

The less you want, the more you can give.

The less you want, the more you can focus on the action before you.

When you want the least, the success will be most.

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