The most dangerous enemy of success lies within us. It is our ego that inflates our sense of self importance and makes us feel that we are the root cause of all that happens in our lives. We become less grateful than we should be and start to have an air of arrogance around us.

The ego is fed with success, with recognition and with external material gains that we get in life. It is natural that as our years progress and we accumulate more and accomplish more that our ego also grows in size.

How do we kill this ego that prevents humility, service, kindness, compassion and generosity in us ? Here are some ways that we can bring the influence of the ego down and increase our inner compassionate presence deeply. Each practice reduces the size of “me” and increases the size of “you” or “we” in our consciousness.

1. Practice Silence – Start with a few minutes of silence a day. Do not speak. Do it for 5 minutes to start with. Do it when you are alone at the start of a day. Then increase the time. To 10 minutes and then beyond. When you are ready practice a public silence day. This day you will not speak. Carry a notepad with you to communicate what you want to say. Put a sticker saying “silence” on your clothes so that others know that you have taken the vow of silence.

2. Practice Listening – In meetings at work vow to become the best listener. Focus on what others are saying and curb the urge to speak or respond back to them. Listen. Allow yourself the right to speak 1 time in the meeting. When you are with your partner or family leave your phone and focus your time and effort on them. listen intently and look into their eyes. Listen fully with your whole being.

3. Seek Feedback – Ask others to tell you your weaknesses and failures. Ask them to tell you examples where you have let them or others down. Ask them for areas you need to improve. Ask your parents. Ask you partner. Ask your colleagues. Ask anyone who cares to give you feedback.

4. Hug thy enemy – Who are the people who like you the least or with whom you struggle the most. Go meet them. Physically or virtually. Which relationships from your past are broken and not healed ? Who are you scared to talk to ? Go to them and listen. What happened ? What can you do now to make it better ?

5. Celebrate Others Success – Tell others good things when they have done well. Recognise the good in each person you meet. See how they are successful and learn from them.

Our ego is a monster who can kill our chances of becoming our full selves and living our full potential. 

We need to tame and then kill our ego through constant practice. Kill your ego. It’s time has come.

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