Benjamin Franklin had a wonderful habit to not only set his priorities for the day but to also then see how he had done against them. A lot of people make a to do list but very few review how the day went. 

It’s been a week + into the new year and I decided to review “how did I do today”. 

Firstly I had insanely great highly productive high energy days on atleast 5 occasions out of 10. 

Second it means I had 3 average output days and 2 really weak output / energy days.

What happened in the first set of days

  • I woke up early
  • Started the day with a productive constructive act of meditation and prayer
  • The best day I also did intense physical exercise for 20minutes plus
  • Spent quality time with my wife and extended family
  • Met friends
  • Called my parents
  • Wrote an article or posted good content online
  • Did not watch too much social media or youtube or Netflix
  • Slept at a reasonable time
  • Didn’t eat much 
  • Had a good mood

What happened on the second set of less productive low energy days

  • Droned in bed for an hour or more, often watching Netflix or cricket highlights
  • Staggered into the day, forgot that I wanted to meditate
  • Felt low energy and low mood
  • Picked the lowest value work tasks to complete, I suspect to make myself feel I was doing something productive
  • Did not have quality time with family
  • Ate more, often a bigger meal at night
  • Felt a bit fuzzy or lost
  • Low energy and motivation towards the end of the day

It seems all well connected. We are a system. We need to work everyday as an integrated system where we feed our soul with prayer, our mind with mediation, our body with exercise, value every moment as precious to do what matters, notice ourself when we go off track and bring ourselves back to achieve the goals we are seeking to do.

The most important question asked yet may be “how did I do today”. It shows us a path to a better tomorrow.

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