We often spend as much time with our colleagues at work as we do with our spouses and children. If you count carefully sometimes more. If you stop and think about what we talk about you will realise something startling.

90-99% of the time it’s all about work. It’s about transactions, actions, minutes, follow ups, screw ups, deadlines, deliverables, improvements, presentations, updates, research studies, fast tracking things, discussing the competition.

It’s almost like 2 robots or computers talking to each other. The unintended consequence of this is that we have a transactional relationship with each other. One where why we do things and how we feel is almost never discussed. Hence many times the real reasons for poor or average performance are never surfaced.

What if you could take one simple action ? With everyone who you work with – boss, subordinate, colleague, secretary, take out 10 minutes over a cup of coffee to ask one simple question ?

How are you feeling ?

They might be shocked at why you asked, wondering if you noticed something wrong. Don’t worry. It’s natural. After all you never did it before. So go ahead and ask them.

How are you feeling….about work ?

How are you feeling….about kids and family ?

How are you feeling….about your health ?

How are you feeling….about your hobbies and interests ?

You can keep adding to the list as time goes by. This will give you an insight into the human being behind the work, make them realise that you care about them and not just their output and bring you closer.

This one question can create an enormous amount of positive energy in your team and transform relationships over a period of time. It can help build the spirit of compassion among everyone together.

Just start asking – “how are you feeling”

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