In the long run we are here to give. We give up all that we have. It begins slowly when we begin to give up the energy and strength in our bodies. We give up money for various expenses and costs that we incur in life. 

We may face some tragedy or a big financial cost may come out of nowhere. What we buy today and it looks shiny and new, eventually fades and we give it away. Life ultimately forces us to take all of our accumulations and we have to give them all up. Whether you are the founder of a unicorn, a beggar living in a temporary tent or an aspiring young executive making plans for your career, remember life has one message for all of us – to give.

However we do have a choice. We can choose that we are forced to give up on our possessions and we feel we are losing. On the other hand we can choose to proactively listen to the universe and start giving.

  • Give what you don’t need to others
  • Give a small amount from the money you earn to others
  • Give more to those who need it the most
  • Give your time to the lonely
  • Give your love to those who are uncared for
  • Give your next meal to someone who is more hungry
  • Give your clothes to those who are naked
  • Give your shoes to those who don’t have any

Give everyday. A little. A lot. What you can. 

Rivers give themselves unto the ocean.

The ocean gives itself unto the sky

The sky gives itself into the rain

The rain gives itself into the soil.

Be a river. Make it a habit to give.

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