When Arjuna the great warrior is confused on the battlefield and Lord Krishna is explaining to him his duties as a warrior, the Lord says “ Everyone must act as per their natural dharma or duties. The warrior’s duty is to fight and fight for the right & just cause”

Then the lord goes onto explain  that he , the creator and preserver of the universe also needs to act. Though god is complete and perfect in every sense even he cannot avoid acting.

Why is that ? Why does god need to act ?

Lord Krishna says that the community of people follows leaders and whatever role model of leadership gods and kings define, so do others follow.

If the leader is religious, the community becomes religious.

If the leader promotes clean & hygienic living, the cities become clean.

If the leader is honest, so does the rest of the state become.

If the leader acts, works hard, devotes himself to his duties, so do all the citizens of the kingdom.

Hence as he is the ultimate role model of who everyone must look up to and hence he must act to do his duty and then demonstrate to everyone that acting in the right way to do Sva Dharma ( one’s own duty) in Nish Kama Karma  ( duty without desire for results) is the right example to be set for everyone.

So as a leader what is the role model that you are setting for everyone else in the organisation. Here are 5 actions you can take today

  1. W.A.I.T.  – Why am I talking ? Practice it in meetings by encouraging everyone to speak, asking questions and encouraging participation. Speak last – you will be able to hear multiple different views, learn new ideas, make better decisions and make everyone feel included.
  1. Listen – Put your phone down, close your laptop and listen to what others have to say. Ask them questions and hear the answers. Both about their work and their life context. This will deepen your relationships and ensure you build deeper bonds.
  1. Work Hard – First in, last out. Set the role model example of hard work, commitment and dedication to your team.
  1. Clean the dishes – Clean the dishes, pick up the remaining papers after a meeting, write the minutes. No task is too small or unimportant for the leader.
  1. Be On Time – Be punctual, be first in. Set the example.
  1. Be Clean and Hygienic.
  1. Be Polite – speak softly, speak calmly, use positive language.
  1. Do what needs to be done to make the boat go faster. Be ready to jump in and solve issues when your team needs solutions

Remember in the great war of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna could have alone defeated all the enemies. Yet he chose the role of a mere charioteer as he wanted to coach and guide Arjuna , the great warrior. Krishna knew that when he set the right example for Arjuna, the great archer would fight and inspire his brothers to win.

God acts for he must set the example for the universe. We must act to set the example in our universe.

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