In the great Indian epic Mahabharata two vast armies are arrayed in front of each other. The Kauravas, the 100 brothers who rule the kingdom of Hastinapur have vowed to kill their 5 cousins the Pandavas as they do not want the latter to come back to the kingdom to have their rightful share of the kingdom. Lord Sri Krishna is the charioteer of the Pandava warrior Arjuna. Both sides have warriors, weapons and vast resources. Who will win ? The selfish greedy Kauravas who are unwilling to share anything with their brothers or the Pandavas who seek respect and their fair share of the kingdom.

The same question lays before us everyday. We all have within us the Pandavas, noble motives of being good, compassionate, kind, loving, appreciative, supportive and giving. We all have within us the Kauravas, the instincts of being greedy, rude, arrogant, selfish, fake and lying. Who will win ?

The one who wins is the one we support. 

Same as the mahabharata where Lord Sri Krishna representing our whole selves and the spirit of the universe helps the Pandavas win, we too can choose the side within us that wins.

When we are faced with a choice of giving to others or taking from them, we become stronger in the side we choose. If you do charity, give to others who need, you strengthen the good instincts and motives ( Pandavas) within you. 

When we engage with others and things get heated and challenging we have the option to focus on the good within us and become calm, compassionate, kind, listen patiently and be mindful ( pandavas). When we become angry, use foul language, get upset, lose attention we feed our negative instincts ( kauravas).

When we choose to do our work we can do so with focus, mindfulness, commitment, energy and dedication ( pandavas) or we can be distracted, focused on the outcomes we are expecting or asking constantly what is in it for me ( kauravas).

Who wins finally depends on who we support. We have within us the moral compass that is represented by Lord Krishna in the gita. We need to listen to this voice of morality & goodness and always ask “ who would Lord Krishna support”.

Go support the Pandavas within you and win. Conquer your own Kauravas. The greatest battle is always fought within and not without.

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