Standing in the great battlefield of the Mahabharata, the great warrior Arjuna worries about the damage he will inflict on others – the people he will kill including those known to him. Unsure how to proceed, he asks Lord Krishna to guide him.

Lord Krishna then explains what is the true and real and what is fleeting and not of substance.

That which changes, is not real, says Lord Krishna. All the material objects, all that you can touch and feel changes over time. It is not real. Even the physical bodies that we inhabit change from a child to an adult and then die away. They too do not last and are not real. 

The true reality is that which is unchanging, timeless and eternal. This is our eternal soul that is but an undivided fragment of the universal whole. The soul can neither be burnt, nor divided, nor multiplied, nor cut, nor gained or lost. The soul remains, eternal and forever. It may take the form of different life forms but it’s eternal inner nature is unchanged and undying.

Know that the eternal god, universe and soul have been here forever and will be here forever and we are part of that. Hence while physical bodies change, the soul remains. Knowing this let us not mourn change.

When things are good and we are enjoying them, let us remind ourselves that these are transient, temporary and changing. Let us not become attached to them.

When things are not going well and we are suffering, let us remind ourselves that these are but momentary and will be gone. Let us not mourn and feel sad at that time.

We are not things. We are an eternal immortal indestructible soul that lives on forever. We are here in each life to do our duty , our Sva Dharma without having expectation of end results. We must act knowing that the ups and the downs of life are all but transient and temporary.

As a the wise men told the king “this too shall pass”. Hence let us take on each day as our duty to do our best. When we experience good success, enjoy it and then let it go. Know that is meant to be temporary. When we feel pain and suffering, accept it. Know that is it not meant to last.

Do not worry. Do not be afraid. Do your duty. You are eternal immortal and will last through everything. All else shall pass.

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