When the great warrior Arjuna is confused about war and it’s consequences , his charioteer, Lord Krishna explains to him “ All that changes is not real or permanent. It is a mere sense perception that is acquired by our senses. Pain & pleasure, hot and cold, happiness & sadness are mere clouds that pass by and last for sometime. The yogi must learn that he is the eternal immortal soul that remains and all else that changes is temporary and impermanent”.

Arjuna is still confused and asks the simple question that many of us also ask when we are stuck in any situation “So tell me lord what should I do ? guide me please”Lord Krishna then says – “The yogi must know that to act in this universe is the law and cannot be avoided. Yet at the same time, one cannot get attached to objects, feelings and things that change. Hence the yogi must adopt the role of “Nishkama Karma” or “ Karma (Action) Nish (without) Kama (desire)”.

Do your duty with a sense of dedication and commitment to the best of your ability. Yet do not worry or wish or think about the fruits of your actions and the rewards that you are likely to get. This is the way you become a true yogi doing your worldly duty yet not becoming attached to any sense objects.

So how can you do Nish Kama Karma in your everyday life.

  1. Focus on the goal – Set your goals and mission in life whatever they may be and focus on them. Focus on the actions you need to undertake and spend your time and energy on them. Every time you get distracted by rewards bring your focus and attention to the task at hand.
  1. Dedicate the tasks – Dedicate your tasks and actions to others. To others who matter to you. To the gods you worship. To your team members. To your family. To the universe. You do the task as your duty dedicated to them. This will always give you fresh energy and motivation to do the task well.
  1. Sacrifice – To develop an attitude of non attachment to objects, practice sacrifice. You can sacrifice / give money to those who need it, help others buy objects that will help them in their life, give your time to those who need it and give away some objects you cherish.

Nish Kama Karma also brings the benefit of a single minded focus to the goal at hand, undistracted by future rewards. It allows you fully to be in the present focused and committed to the action of the doing the task that matters.

As the great warrior Arjuna could shoot the eye of the fish looking into it’s reflection, by becoming a Karma Yogi you too can accomplish all your goals. Remember to do with dedication but have no desire for the goal.

Nish Kama Karma.

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