You are a magnet and you attract people, events and gifts into your life. Research shows that  you attract to yourself these things by way of cognitive expansion. What does this mean ? 

It means that when you focus on a goal or a subject and zoom into it, mull over it, brainstorm about it and immerse yourself into it, you start to expand your “cognitive zone” about the subject. So if you focus on investing and money making opportunities and study them deeply and believe you are mastering them, then you will start to notice opportunities that you would have missed earlier. Almost like you change your radio frequency to match the frequency of money or you focused your headlights in the right direction and you can start to see the new path.

This process happens unconsciously. A baby is a prime example. The same biological baby is born In a million families and in each of them is exposed to different sets of focus areas – eg religion, language, culture and each child grows up to be a unique individual with their “cognitive zone” focused on the areas they have been exposed to.

So what does this mean. It means your attention is a precious commodity and like a laser it is meant to be focused on what you want and not on what you don’t want. Whatever you spend your time, energy, focus and attention on you will start to notice and attract more into your life.

What are the actions you can take

  1. Disconnect Addictive Social Media – We know now that most social media platforms are designed to hook your attention for endless hours. Most times with no useful content or learning at the end of the session. Don’t depend on will power. Disconnect. Delete the apps.
  1. Stop Mobile Notifications – Again these are designed to bring your attention constantly to whats happening and new messages distracting you from what you are doing
  1. Choose your top 5 focus areas for the year – Set your personal and professional goals with clear targets. These can be learning, fitness, business revenue, relationships etc. you may ask how do I score something as intangible as the state of my marriage. Very simple – ask your spouse to rate you on 1-10 as a partner. Then repeat it every 3 months and see the progress
  1. Now choose your top no.1 goal – From the 5 chosen if you could do only 1 what would it be. Which matters to you most ? What makes the biggest difference to others ? Choose that. If you are finding it hard imagine you have one year left to live. What would you do with it. Now go do that
  1. Immerse – Take each goal and spend quality time on each of them – ideally 60-90 minutes at a time. Find a space where you can work with focus and bring your whole attention to the topic that matters
  1. Notice when you are thinking negative thoughts or about what you DON’T want. Stop that moment. Now bring back your attention to what you seek. 
  1. Visualise the future – See yourself getting the bonus letter, see yourself wearing a size smaller pants, see yourself being hugged and loved by those who you care about

Focus on what you want. Expand your cognitive range in that direction. 

That’s the way to get everything in life.

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