The secret to a healthy relationship is a healthy bank balance of lov

When was the last time you told your mum you love her ? or bought your wife or girlfriend a rose ? Or gave your father a book by his favourite author ? or surprised a friend with a gift ? or took your boss out for a surprise lunch ? It’s a sad reality that we often treat the people closest to us with the least amount of affection. We get busy, we expect a lot from them and often do the special acts less and less. Whenever we fight, argue, debate or have a problem, we withdraw a little bit of love from the relationship.

If there was a bank account of love and you were a joint holder of this account with your loved ones, it would be the equivalent of constantly taking out money. When you don’t fill the account bank with acts of love, that’s when anger, frustration, hatred start to creep up. Most broken or frayed relationships are victims of the love account being overdrawn. So how can you fill this love account back with love.

It’s simple. Make a small deposit of love everyday. It’s easy and often it’s cheap. When the tough times come, you will have a rich bank deposit to withdraw from. So here are 5 simple and easy ways you can put a small deposit of love into your love bank everyday

  1. Pay A Compliment to Someone Today – Make sure you mean it. Notice what your spouse is wearing or when someone does a good job. Pay the compliment face to face or send an email. It will come as an unexpected surprise.
  1. Bring Flowers – For your spouse, your mom, your daughter, your assistant or a team mate who has done a great job. Even one rose will create a magical and memorable experience for the receiver. They will not forget it.
  1. Wish Your Facebook Friends A Warm Birthday Greeting – Write a warm and personal greeting for each person. Make it heartfelt and genuinely wish them a great year ahead.
  1. Create A Gift Box in your home – Take an empty box or piece of luggage and start filling it with small, inexpensive gifts that you find wherever you go. When the right time comes you will be able to find something there and give it to someone you care about.
  1. Put a Note with a poem or a quote to say thanks to someone you care about – Find a poem or a quote that you like and put it on a note to say thank you. Say thank you to the person who cleans your office, to your boss, to your spouse, your parents, your friends. They all have contributed to your success and happiness. They would be delighted to know that you remembered their contribution. 

Say thanks. Say I love you. Notice the good in others. Fill your bank of love. Then feel free to take out a little bit of love in the tough times.

The secret to a healthy relationship is a healthy bank balance of love.

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