New Zealand was the first country to declare itself COVID 19 free. Despite the one off case that happened they have successfully flattened the curve. Taiwan has had less than 500 cases and only 7 deaths and the curve is flat. Both countries markets are open, schools have started and the economy has not been hammered. In Europe Germany has emerged with a strong record and has successfully flattened the curve. Among other things one big common factor – female leadership.

Anecdotal you may say in 2019 the most comprehensive study of the financial markets was done covering 17 years results of the Russel 3000 index from 2002-2019 and nearly 5825 board appointments made with 578 being female. The results

  • Firstly the number of female leaders was lower than the number of male leaders who’s names start with John !! 
  • Secondly female CEO / CFO appointees consistently drove superior stock market returns over the 17 year period
  • Thirdly companies with more gender diverse boards delivered superior profitability

Ask yourself – who is the most productive, positive, professional, high impact person you know in the world. Chances are it is your mom, especially if she is a working mum. She delivers her work on time, manages to pick up and drop the kids to school, gets the laundry done, thinks of whats for dinner every single night, notes who’s birthdays are coming up, pays the bills or reminds her partner to do so and yet she has the time to hold you and your family in her arms whenever you are down.

Women have extraordinary compassion and attention to detail. This unique combination allows them to dissect issues down to their minutest detail and plan. They also can sense how you are feeling enabling them to become strong team leaders. 

Working mums have to be incredibly organized as they are the mini CEOs of their lives, homes and work. Rarely do they miss key dates, occasions or actions either at work or at home.

In sales leading large teams, female sales leaders have a strong sense of connection and compassion with customers, always aiming to find a win win solution and thinking long term.

In marketing female leaders use their creative and intuitive strengths to develop strong marketing campaigns and innovations. They combine it with a deep sense of craftsmanship to build beautiful products and solutions.

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