The boss was fashionably late to meetings. 

The boss interrupted the presenter within 5 minutes of the meeting starting

The boss did not turn on his video on the web conference call.

The boss was smart and successful. Yet his business unit was performing erratically, things were messy and disorganized. There were a lot of arguments and interruptions on the calls. Most people remained on mute and blind status on calls. 

The organisation’s effectiveness was suffering.

Everyone followed what the boss did.

If you are a team leader or a company CEO you may not realise it but everyone is looking at you.

All the time.

How do you behave ? in good times and bad ?

In meetings ?

Do you appreciate ? or criticize ?

Do you interrupt or let others speak ?

What do you value – output or input ?

How do you dress ?

Do you come to office or work from home ?

Do you say hello and ask how are you before you start team calls ?

Do you have a family life ?

Do you have hobbies ?

Do you smile ?

Are you neat and presentable ? or dishevelled and messy ?

Are you fit and do you value good health ?

Everyone is looking at you.

All the time.

They are making mental notes of what is ok and acceptable to do and what is not.

So what can you do to set a great example for the teams ?

  1. Clarity – Have clear goals, a simple strategy, a set of 3-5 key bullet point messages of what you think is important. Repeat these at all times. Adjust them if you get new info but be consistent and clear in your goals and messages
  2. Appreciation – No such thing as too much appreciation. Recognize the good work done by others. Both output and input. Recognize full teams including those who operate behind the scenes
  3. Discipline – Fix few meetings. Stick to the time. Make decisions. Have someone circulate minutes. Review the minutes
  4. Punctual – Be on time
  5. Dress for Success
  6. Have a Life –Outside work. Family. Friends. Time for self. Read. Develop hobbies

Everyone is watching you. All the time. Set an example for others.


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