I cant do it.

I am scared.

He hates me.

How often do you find yourself in a conversation with your own self talking like this. How often do you find your self replaying an imaginary fight with someone which makes you feel upset.

This is negative self talk. Invented by your mind. Designed to make you feel weak, miserable and frustrated.

It is also a perfect way to ensure things don’t get done and you cannot move forward.

So how can we end negative self talk.

We need to break the patterns. The moment you notice that you are talking to “yourself” and not in a real conversation you need to realise this is a figment of your imagination and is damaging to your own self. 

So the moment you see this happening do one of the following

  1. 1 mindful minute exercise – Sit down anywhere and close your eyes. Now start to notice your breath. Coming in and going out. If you see any distracting thoughts emerge do not worry, bring your attention back to your breath. Do It for a minute or a reasonable period until you feel calmer. Your pattern is broken. Now consciously choose your next steps on how you want to deal with the situation.
  1. 10 minute mindful walking – Step out and start a short walk mindfully. As you walk notice your steps. Notice your feet. Notice your hands. Notice yourself. Notice everything around you. Be extremely alert and attentive. You have again broken the thought pattern for a short period of time. You can now consciously choose your next steps on how you want to deal with the situation
  1. Affirm the positives – Sit down comfortably and close your eyes. Knowing that you have infinite potential and capacity in you to grow and deal with any situation, affirm to your self 
  • I am complete
  • I am at peace
  • I am mindful
  • I am compassionate
  • I have deep understanding
  • I deal with the ups and downs comfortably and easily
  • I can handle it
  • I am happy

With these affirmations you have again broken the pattern to bring yourself to a positive state of mind. You can now consciously plan your next steps.

  1. This too shall pass – Know that no matter what all things pass, all things change and eventually we are strong enough to deal with all the changes in our life. What was once a crisis or a deeply painful event a long time ago is now but a distant memory. When faced with a crisis know inside of you “this too shall pass”. With this peaceful affirmation work on what you need to do to address the situation

With effort and practice you can end your negative self talk and begin the journey of personal growth even in the middle of a crisis.

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