Struggling to speak in public or do presentations ?

Like a stranger but hesitate to approach ?

Afraid of heights or swimming or snakes ?

We all have fears. We are all scared by something or the other.

The fears are the barriers to our growth. The fears are our artificial limitation.

Why artificial – because in most cases the fears are put in place by our mind. Some cases to protect us – eg from physical harm of falling from a high place or in some cases to protect our ego from being hurt.

Growth lies past these fears.

However you cannot rationally overcome fear. You can only do so irrationally. Your rational mind will not allow you to make a choice to over come fear.

So what can you do ..

Simple. Do what scares you. Don’t run from your fears, run towards them.

For the fear of public speaking the cure is – find every opportunity to speak in public – go ask for time in key meetings to present.

For the fear of heights, go hiking, climb a mountain, go to sky scrapers and look over the edge. Be safe physically – no one is asking for physical risks. Just to notice your fear.

Fear of Rejection. Go and pitch to the customer or prospect again. Try a different method.

You can also simulate the fear in your mind. Imagine the situation which scares you and see yourself in it. See yourself successfully facing the fear.

The key is to notice your fear as it arises and see that it is a feeling. As you notice the feeling it shall melt away.

Embrace the fear. Move to it. 

Do what scares you.

It’s the path to personal growth

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    Get your weekly doze of inspiration right in your inbox!

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