Lessons from Prolific Writers

Studying the great prolific authors of the world is a study in productivity. Creating world class best selling novels and books and biographies, doing it year after year and keeping the creative fresh. What are their secrets

  1. Wake up early – most started the day early – 5 to 7am being a common theme to start writing. Some did exercise before they started writing. Many others spent the full morning producing output.
  1. Close the world – When working they closed themselves off to the world. To all distractions. Some locked themselves inside rooms. Others went to a hotel room. Some found a desk in a quiet corner hidden from everyone else. For a limited period of time they were alone to focus on the output they wanted to produce
  1. No Social media – Most authors know social media is a distraction and an endless waste of time once you start. Many don’t have accounts or if they do they are managed by others for them. 
  1. Energy producing habits – Some run. Others paint. Some drink endless cups of coffee. Others listen to music. They all identify habits that lead to higher productivity and greater happiness for them
  1. Make notes – Most carry notebooks or paper to capture ideas. They write outlines for articles or books wherever they may be. 
  1. Daily Output Goals – Most set a daily output goal. To write a few thousand words or 5-10 pages. No matter the situation or the feelings, they will sit down and write. The habit creates the output
  1. Long Walks – Long walks in solitude bring a lot of ideas and depth to the existing ideas. A habit practiced by many writers
  1. Say No – To things, experiences and events that don’t add value to your life. That don’t help you learn and experience new things. 
  1. Exercise – A stronger body holds a more agile and resilient mind. Workout 15-60 minutes a day
  1. Meditate – For a new minutes to balance yourself, bring back focus to what matters and harness the infinite creative potential of the universe

Practise all or some of these habits to enhance your productivity 10X from tomorrow.

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