You have all the power within you.

In the great indian poem the Gita, Lord Krishna says to a wavering and worrying Arjuna, the  warrior – “By the sword of wisdom, destroy all your doubts. For he who doubts has no place in this world or the next”.

Self doubt is like corrosive rust. It grows slowly but inevitably weakens the iron within, eventually hollowing out all the strength there was once. It serves no purpose apart from ensuring the failure of every plan ever made. 

Doubt kills more new ideas than anything else. So destroy your doubts. Here are some practical techniques to help you counter the thought process of doubts.

  1. Counter Affirmations – Just as doubt is a silent negative expression, you can train yourself to create it’s opposite – positive affirmations. These are simple but powerful statements you can repeat to yourself silently or loudly through the day. Craft them carefully. They state what you want in the present tense. Write these down on a small card and carry them with you. Repeat to yourself as often as possible. For instance
    1. I am strong
    2. I can do anything
    3. Good things are coming to me
    4. I am getting healthier every day
    5. I have wealth and success
  1. Visualisation –This is a powerful technique that will bring to you all the power and happiness in the universe. Sit down for 5-10 minutes in a quiet place and concentrate on your breath. Close your eyes. See in your mind’s eye that which you want the most – a happy family, money, a great job, success. Focus on the feeling you are getting and totally immerse yourself in the feeling of joy. You have sent powerful signals to the universe of that which you seek. It will come.
  1. Do What You Fear – Face your fears and start confronting them. Whether it is to apologise to someone, to give up a bad addictive habit, to do an adventure sport or anything else. Make a list of fears and start doing them. One a week. See the soaring confidence you get from this experience and how doubt and fear begin to vanish from your life.

The greatest favour you can do yourself is to destroy any doubt. It serves no purpose apart from weakening you. You have all the power within you.

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