Start today, connect to the most powerful wifi connection in the universe that makes all wishes come true. Pray today and everyday.

Walk into a restaurant and often the first thing we find ourselves looking for is a wifi connection before we think of what we will eat. Go to a beautiful resort for a holiday and the first question you might find yourself asking is “whats the wifi password”. The internet however powerful brings us some information and insight at best and is a time waster at worst. 

There is a much more powerful wifi connection which can connect you to the universe, which never goes unanswered and has the power to bring you all that you seek.

This Spiritual Wifi connection takes a minute at best, needs no technology and can be performed anywhere. It’s called prayer.

1 minute of prayer done daily has the power to bring your desires and dreams to fruition faster and to ward off problems. Prayer has also now been medically proven to help dissolve tumours, help beat back cancer and help depressed people come out of their misery into the light.

Whats the cost ! it’s totally free…and do you need to depend on anyone else …no…this is something you can do everyday at any time you like.

There are many prayers you can start with. Take your pick from below and start today

  1. Pray to thank the lord – Sit quietly anywhere you can, turn off your phone for a minute, closing your eyes, imagine you are next to god or the divine force you believe in. Start thanking the lord for all that you have that someone else may not have. Start with thanking them for life, for breath, for food, for water, for health, for every family member, for every comfort you enjoy.
  1. Pray for Answers – when you have a challenging situation or a concern that is bothering you and refuses to go away, sit quietly to pray. Say “O Lord, dear god creator of all life on earth and beyond, may all be as per your will. You are the doer and not me, may your will be done. You have my best interest at heart. I leave my problem with you. I trust that all will be well as it always has been. You are my father, my creator. I have full faith”
  1. Pray for Strength – Pray to the lord knowing that you are created in his own image. “O lord I am a god spark, I have a tiny piece of you in me, may I have your wisdom, your guidance and your strength to overcome every challenge and to be kind, loving and joyful always.”
  1. Pray for Compassion – pray to the lord that let him make you an instrument of his love on earth. “O lord, I am your child. May I express you through my thoughts and actions for others. For the hungry may I be food, for the needy may I be help, for the lonely, may I be a friend, for the sad may I become a smile, for the sick may I become healing, for the homeless may I be a home. “

Start today, connect to the most powerful wifi connection in the universe that makes all wishes come true. Pray today and everyday.

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