You are only alive in the current breath. In the breath you have now. Live in that one breath.

I make plans. We all make plans. Then we get frustrated when they don’t materialize.

We worry. About everything.

We are anxious. About the future. About the next meeting. About what the boss will say.

We regret. What happened years ago.

We fear. Many things we do not know. 

How do we solve this permanent crises ? How do we live in joy, harmony and love ? How do we connect with everything around us in a way that brings us alive and makes us contribute with joy ?

The answer may lie in our breath. It’s constant, it’s short, it’s there one moment and gone another. What if we could live in one breath…live in the now completely connected to the current breath ? How would it alter our existence ?

Living in the present breath means a few things:

  1. We can only do one thing in one breath. We cannot read and eat and watch tv in the same breath. We need to choose and become single taskers. Focussing on one activity at a time. It helps if you understand that if you want to do things well, you have to do one thing at a time. Try making a presentation and reading the news off your phone. You will either miss some news or make a less than perfect slide. Try eating while driving. You will either chew too less and not digest or worst have an accident. Try talking to your spouse and checking whats app. You will either not read the urgency in the message sent by your mum or you will have an unhappy spouse who thinks you are not listening to her. So do one thing in one breath. 
  1. We don’t live in the future. We have to be here at all times. In this breath if we are eating or sleeping or writing or working or playing or running, we are here. We cannot at the same time be in a future fantasy or imagining things. Again you cannot be here and be there in the same breath. If you are day dreaming or thinking and running, most likely you are going to hit something or something will hit you. If you are working and then also imagining your next vacation, the work is not getting done and the chances of the vacation are also diminishing.
  1. We don’t live in the past. We cannot be regretting the last fight, divorce or work argument when we are in the meeting room. Nor can we have a meaningful dinner with our spouse if in the current breath, we are thinking of what she said yesterday which caused a fight between the two of you. As you can realise, if you are not here but there, whatever is here is getting neglected.

You are only alive in the current breath. In the breath you have now. Live in that one breath. Watch all miseries, worries and difficulties starting to melt.

This one breath is the secret.

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