Worrying does not help. Stop worrying. Start solving.

In the movie Bridge of Spies, a Russian spy is caught in the US and when asked whether he is afraid of being sentenced to death, says he is not worried. His lawyer asks why. To which the spy replies “would it help?”. Makes me chuckle everytime I see the scene.

It’s a reality that we worry and fret all day. About our weight, the future, money, jobs, boss, work, deadlines, family, relationships and even Donald Trump. It makes us upset, sometimes sick and once in a while paralysed to take action.

The reality is that worry is an emotion that emerges from a desire to control an uncertain future that no one can predict. It causes immediate damage without any longer term benefit of any kind.

When you are stressed and worried at work, have you considered what is happening. 3 things, all going against you at the same time. Lets examine them one by one.

  1. Stress – you are growing more stressed, worried and upset over whatever issue is troubling you. This might be coming out in the form of anxiety, nail biting, headache, shouting at colleagues, angry emails, bad meetings and even heated arguments with your better half at home. Net benefit zero. Net cost your health and happiness for the day.
  1. Problem focus, not Solution focus – All the worrying in the world cannot do one thing – solve the issue. It can only create mental cobwebs that make things worse and paralyse you from taking any action. The more you worry, the less the work done towards finding a solution.
  1. Negative Energy – Worry warts create negative spirals around them leaving everyone stressed and drained. Instead of getting co operation you get fatigue and people regretfully working towards your objectives.

Practically as Guru Gaur Gopal Das explains in this slide and video Worrying has no practical benefit.

A short and beautiful version of this here by Gopal Das 

So again, does worrying get you anywhere ? the answer is no. It drains your energy, moves you away from a solution mode to a problem mode and brings out the worst in every team.

So whats the solution. Everytime you catch yourself getting into a worry zone, ask yourself one thing – should I worry or shall i get into solution mode – what shall we do ? what can be done ? what are the options ? whats the action plan.

Immediately you will find that the negative spiral will be replaced with a positive spiral that will drive your energy up, make you feel empowered and help you contribute back to the situation and to others.

Worrying does not help. Stop worrying. Start solving.

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