I witness bruising battles at work everyday. 

Why didn’t you ask me ?

I am not aligned to this ?

No one copied me into this email ?

This is my area ? stay out of it ? 

If that person is going to work on it I am not going to ?

On the other hand the same people are capable of producing phenomenal output, deliver record breaking performance and achieve stunning heights of personal success.

So what explains this contradiction ?

Firstly me before we thinking becomes very prevalent in large organisations as everyone is trying to make a mark and achieve success. Everyone feels that others may get ahead and they may be denied their due rewards.

Second me before you thinking makes people feel that for some reason helping others succeed is going to actively hinder their own success. Hence collaborating with others is likely to damage my growth prospects.

Both are myths and leading to organisations delivering less than their full potential and not achieving the lofty goals they set out for.

What can be done about it and how

Firstly the leadership of the organisation must make it clear that the COLLECTIVE GOAL of success is the one factor that will determine all other things. If you win and the organisation fails you will also not enjoy the large rewards that you feel you may be entitled to. A significant part of the reward, promotions and incentives must be linked to the larger organisations success.

Second active and proactive recognition of “collaboration” is a must. This means when someone steps up to support others, helps others win, contributes to others success this must be formally and actively recognized immediately. Via small awards and public recognition and later as a formal input into promotions.

Third “it’s the goal not the role” that must be drummed into everyone’s head as a team. It is about the achievement of the goal, success in the market, winning with consumers that we care. The individual roles in the organisation are flexible and subservient to the larger goal of success. Means every meeting begins with the leader stating what is OUR GOAL and HOW will we achieve it. All conversation is about how I and we can help achieve OUR GOAL. Our individual roles become less important.

It’s the goal, not the role that matters. 

Leaders must bring this thinking into the entire team. 

When WE win, ME will win. When The GOAL is achieved, the ROLES are successful.



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