My 9 month old niece was trying to get up. She would crawl to the edge of the bed or the wall or the table, put her hand up to get a grip and try to pull herself up to stand. She fell. She tried again. Then she fell. She made a little more progress with one leg standing before she fell on her bum. Looking around with her wide beady eyes she contemplated what to do next. Then she tried again and again. Each time falling on her bum or her side or sometimes painfully her face.

It made me wonder how long do babies try to stand up and what happens in this process. The numbers are quite incredible. Between the ages of 8 months to 12 months over the course of a 100-120 days babies are trying to stand. Their entire focus in this time is to become functioning humans by being able to walk around. Between 6-8 hours a day they are trying to stand up almost 70 times an hour, more than 1 attempt per minute. No sooner have they fallen they get up again.

It’s a staggering 41000 attempts on average to learn how to stand up. 

The result – success. Standing . A functional adult who is now free to use their hands to do other things, who has a higher view of everything and who has the independence to start moving further and doing more than they could before.

The question to ask ourselves is for the projects, initiatives and goals that matter to us, are we willing to try 41000 times. Are we willing to drop, get up and try again. Do we have the inner conviction and clarity of what we want to achieve and the belief that we will be successful eventually.

Babies are clear on what they want to achieve – standing up.

Babies are clear on how they will achieve this – by endless non stop commitment to practice.

Babies are clear after a few hours that they will fall and fail.

Babies are clear that they need to try standing up and go for it.

Babies are clear that if they keep at it, one day they will stand up.

Now go replace “babies” with “I” and go replace “standing up” with “your goal”.

Ask yourself a simple question – am I willing to try 41000 times to achieve this goal.

If the answer is yes go forth and do not look back. There is no goal on earth that can withstand the power, commitment and energy of someone who is willing to fail 41000 times to achieve the goal.

Adopt a baby’s mindset and go for it. If you are willing to do this, no goal is unachieveable for you.

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